Fitting Send Off for Star

6 Mar

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Fitting Send Off for Star

A true gentleman of the New Zealand dressage received an honourable send-off after his final test at HOY today.

KH Arvan and Molly Lumb (Taranaki) were reserve champion in the young rider title class and called back for a royal send-off.

Co-owner Vanessa Way said it was a very special, but sad, day.

“It was so nice that Dressage New Zealand made it so special for us,” she said. ‘At the end of the test they said he had retired and he neighed.”

Way took off his saddle for the last time, “cool” music was played as he left and Lumb led him out. The other young riders formed a mounted guard of honour for him.

Lumb F3001

A final hurrah . . . KH Arvan completes his last competitive test with young rider Molly Lumb. Photo Jan Sutherland/Take the Moment

Way said she had been thinking about his retirement for a while.

“I felt at Nationals that he was slowing down and he hasn’t been travelling so well. I wanted him to finish with everyone remembering how amazing he was.”

She says she made the decision early in HOY week.

“It is such a neat show and I just thought now was the time.”

The call was made with the full support of his co-owner Lumb.

With Lumb, 17-year-old Arvan had two amazing season, including the New Zealand Dressage Young Rider title at the Bates NZ Dressage Champs.

Over his competitive career he has won every grade from novice right through at both HOY and Nationals.

Arvan, an Anamour, was Way’s first international horse. Together they represented New Zealand, including being part of the London Olympic qualifying team in Australia. They have competed with plenty of success in England, France and Australia.

“We won a really cool freestyle in England. He has just been an amazing horse for me.”

There were plenty of tears all round during his farewell and as he left the arena.

“He is the most reliable, awesome horse you could ever wish for,” said Way. “He never let me down. He would do anything for me.”

And that made it all the more important for her to retire him while still enjoying what he does.

“He’s so active that he won’t be at home doing nothing! He is like the dad of the three-year-olds we have at home. He is jump bomb proof and takes the youngsters out for their first beach and road rides. There won’t be any spurs, bridle or whip for him either, we’ll just keep or him in a hackamore. He loves the beach! He can do what he likes!”


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