From Near-Death to Super Star

4 Mar

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From Near-Death to Super Star


For a horse who nearly lost his life last year, Kinnordy Ravel didn’t do too badly at the 2016 Farmlands Horse of the Year Show.

The former Australian breeding stallion arrived in New Zealand in February 2015. His owner Cate Wilson had him gelded which followed by a bout of colic and major surgery . . . all of which he survived by the skin of his teeth.

His rider, Auckland advertising creative, Karla Tarr says he is quite simply “one of the coolest” horses around.

“He has come back from the brink of death to this. He is quite incredible, and Cate has the most beautiful relationship with him,” says Tarr of the seven-year-old horse.

Tarr teamed up with Kinnordy Ravel in late December, and HOY was just his third show.

“You couldn’t ask for a better behaved horse,” she said. “After he won at our first outing we thought we may as well try and qualify him for HOY.”

Tarr E8752

Revelling in the attention . . . Karla Tarr and the 2016 Level 1 Dressage Horse of the Year Kinnordy Ravel. Photo Jan Sutherland/Take the Moment

Wilson and Kinnordy Ravel live at Clevedon while Tarr lives in the city, so the two share the riding responsibilities.

The horse won all four of his tests at HOY, took the buzz of the show all in his stride and notched some great marks along the way.

For Tarr the victory also makes up for last HOY when a chasm between judges saw her miss out on a title.

“This is my first HOY title so is a really big deal for me,” she said. “I am really, really pleased. It has righted the wrongs of last year.”

She says she was quietly confident coming into the show.

“I put it out there I was going to win all four tests so thought I had better do that.”

But it didn’t all go her way – she rode her last test feeling quite unwell and says she only just scraped through.

Wilson will now take back the ride and Tarr will look for the next “shining star” for her stable.

“I have always loved dressage and want to continue with it . . . I just need to find the right horse,” she says.


Results –


Level 1 Horse of the Year: Karla Tarr (Auckland) Kinnordy Ravel 1, Elisha Wade (Waipawa) Donneregal 2, Jane Olsson (Christchurch) Astek Georgia 3, Kathryn Corry (Te Kuiti) Anuschka PSH 4, Tania Smith (New Plymouth) Donnerbella II 5, Amanda Berridge (Cambridge) Glamorgan By Design 6.

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