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8 Mar

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There’s a veritable United Nations going on in the mounted games arena . . . but that’s hardly surprising. The sport is fluid between countries, and this at HOY there are representatives from Wales, the United States, Ireland and Australia.

Coaching the American team is Welshman Clive Jones, who lives with his wife Carol in England – Carol is also the team’s manager and chief organiser. They’re here with five American riders – James Bradley (18), Shelby Davidson (16), Matisse Copeland (16), Meghan Raucher (17) and Bella Pellett (17), and their granddaughter Phoebe Yorath (15) – who are competing in the open teams and pairs competition at HOY.

Clive is a truly international coach with an enviable record – he had a team in Great Britain that remained unbeaten in any competition for 18 months. Included in the team were his and Carol’s sons Alex and Christian – both of whom have spent six months living and riding in New Zealand.
Clive has trained riders in Great Britain, Wales, Norway and now the United States. His latest alliance came when he travelled to Canada to give a coaching clinic. It just so happened the president of the American Mounted Games Association was there with his daughters, and really liked what he saw.

However, Clive had a commitment with Norway who he had promised to get into an open A final at international level, so stayed two more years to see it out. His son Alex stepped in to coach the American team in the interim.

Clive and Carol are now in their ninth year with the American team. Their invitation to HOY came through Margaret Welsby who hosted their sons when they visited New Zealand and is recognised for her abilities as a stable manager at top international events – like the world teams’ championships in Kentucky last year.

“We have been invited here a few times and have finally been able to come,” says Carol. “Everyone wants to ride at HOY.”

Horse of the Year 2017, Hawkes Bay A&P Showgrounds, Hastings, Wednesday, March 08, 2017. Credit: KAMPIC / Kerry Marshall

But all the visiting riders are aboard borrowed horses. There are 18 travelling with the American/Welsh team, including mums, dads, grandmothers and siblings.

And Carol and Clive are already looking forward to a return visit to New Zealand for the worlds being held in Auckland in November.

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