Kozee Win for Alena

5 Mar

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Alena Dorotich’s mother changed her daughter’s destiny when she stopped her jumping her pony.

“The pony was so big and I was so little, and mum wouldn’t let me jump it so I started doing dressage,” says the 15-year-old from Drury.

Yesterday she and Kozee won the Dressage Pony of the Year crown.

“I am really happy,” said Dorotich, “and particularly with my musical freestyle marks where I got 70% from one judge.”

The musical is her favourite and was put together by Sheena Ross.

“I enjoyed riding it with Bailey. We’ve only done it once before at the Auckland Manakau Dressage Champs. The music really suited us and is a happy piece.”

They headed into the show hoping for a win.

“We were striving to win it . . . that was the goal.”

HOY is a favourite outing for the family.

“I just love it. It is such a great show and so much fun.”

Dorotich, a year 11 student at Kings College, had the eight-year-old bay two years. Mihi Shepherd competed Kozee – or Bailey as he is known at home – to level 3, with Dorotich taking over from there and bringing him up level 4, which they won at HOY.

Dorotich E8723

Photo Jan Sutherland/Take the Moment

She knows none of it would be possible without the huge support from her mother Jacqui and coach Andrea Raves.

While Dorotich has excelled at dressage, it’s not her only talent, she also does a little eventing, competing at pre-novice grade on her 13.2hh paint Little Miss Squirt.

Little Miss Squirt has also been to HOY in the past – in 2011 she and Dorotich were fifth in Level 1. Dorotich and Ngahere Romeo won the Level 2 Pony of the Year crown in 2014.

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