Local produce incorporated in dessert degustation

11 Mar

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Superstar Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo is incorporating local produce, apples, peaches and kiwifruit, into the dessert degustation he will host at Horse of the Year Show this afternoon.

Making a flying visit to Hawke’s Bay, his first time in the region, Zumbo designed the degustation, accompanied by Harney and Sons Fine Teas, which will be delivered by Orton Tailored Cuisine.

“I’ve got a little five course canapé degustation, all desserts, will do a Q&A session and overlook the desserts.”

Being in a region renowned for its fresh fruit and produce, he wanted to incorporate some of that into the menu.

“I’ve only been here for half a day and I have seen that every paddock is full of fruit or produce.

“Apples, peaches and kiwifruit, I’ve used some things that are grown around here, I’ve got a little apple tart…and a kiwifruit, vanilla and avocado dessert.”

After arriving last night, he enjoyed seeing what the region had to offer this morning, including a visit to Elephant Hill winery, and taking in the show.

“This is my first time coming here and I was very impressed, it was packed – so many people.”

Adriano Zumbo. Credit KAMPIC/ Kerry Marshall

Australian’s most celebrated patissier and star of Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Zumbo began a pastry empire back in 2007 with his Balmain shop front, and now has nine stores in Australia. Famous for his macarons, Zumbo has three books to his name as well as numerous appearances on television, including on MasterChef, which introduced the croquembouche to an international audience and made macarons a household name.

As a child he loved sweets and junk food and growing up he found school wasn’t his thing, leaving at age 15.

“I wasn’t enjoying school, I wanted to get out and an apprenticeship in pastry was something I found. I loved it, it was something I could focus on – I found it hard to focus at school, with cooking I’m 100%.

“I put my head down and try to make myself better. I get to travel and meet great people and work with great people.”

The association with Zumbo wouldn’t have happened without HOY’s portfolio of fantastic sponsors, many of who are keen to provide additional attractions for the show and develop it for Hawke’s Bay locals.


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