While you are taking a Kohn break from all the action inside the arena go and explore the shopping village, There are over 200 food, lifestyle and equestrian stalls at HOY, including the new Market Place. Don’t forget to visit the Nations Bar for a relaxing drink while you catch all the action from the Main Arenas. Whatever you are after you are sure to find at HOY. Below is a list of the stall holders on site. You can find a detailed map at the bottom of the page.

Abercothi Equestrian H11
AgriSea NZ Ltd A04
AjRFashion K10
Alltech F04
AMS Saddlery E06-E11
Angela Stone E35
Animal Feed Solutions Kohnke’Own A18
Animal Health Direct F06
Animal Therapeutics E34
The  Equestrian D26
B J Merino A19
Back on Track NZ F32
Bayer NZ F18
Betavet Ltd E36
Beyond the Bit D25
Big Reds Stable Snacks F35
Black Star Equine D02
Boeckmann KOP1-KOP3
Cam Kiwi Trading K16
The Cambridge Collection A08-A09
Canter for Cancer NZ A06-A07
Canterbury Equestrian D13-D16
Cavalleria Toscana NZ E20-E23
Champion Equestrian D07
Chester Farm, Paddock Groomer & Smokey Goat Topper H09-H10
CHB Covers C02-C03
CJ Horse Penz K06
Classic Equestrian C06
Classic Sheepskins D18
Coffee Martini The Market Place
Collegiate Saddles F15
CopRice E12-E13
Cortaflex E31
Cowan Cavalletti F38
CWD – Musto A09-A10
CWD Saddlery A11
Cyclo-Ssage Therapy Systems A22
Cyclo-Ssage Therapy Systems F31
Dubarry of Ireland A02
Dunstan Horse Feeds F03
Duzz-All Besswax E30
Dynavyte NZ A15
Enjoy Life The Market Place
Epona Downs G8
Equestrian Central HB Ltd E01-E03
Equestrian Elegance SHOWING
Equestrian Elegance SHOWING
Equine Vitamin C10
Equisense A21
EquiSol NZ M02
Equissage Therapy F01
Equizee F12
Fabuleux Vous Jewellery and GC Equestrian The Market Place
Fanny Adams Underwear D22
Fiber Fresh F13
Fieldline Horse Floats M06-M07
Finishing Touch Equestrian F33-F34
Flaneur Equine E28-E29
Forbes and Co Saddlery D23
Fountain City Saddlery D19-D20
Game Ready E27
Gateshead Equestrian SHOWING
Generator Place K08
Genie in a Jar F26
Grieve Diamond Jewellers E16
Gyro Constructivists H13
Harper Horse coaches K04-K05
Harrison Lane Ltd F08
HB Embroidery D09
Henry’s Juice – Just Good Juice The Market Place
Heritage Horse Trucks NZ M08-M09
Hinterlands Bhil
Hoofcamp Saddlery D10
Horse & Home C04
Horse Gifts NZ D11
Horselands Bhol
Horsesports Ltd D20-D21
HorseTackNZ H15
Horseware F07
Hunter D17
HYGAIN Feeds F20
Icebreaker D08
Innordic H01
International Animal Health E24-E25
Interpath Pty Ltd D03
Jennifer Heath Pearls & Deb Bell Designs F36
JT enterprises F26
Jump 4 Joy NZ F05
Jump A Bull A16-A17
Kraka Fudge K09
Mac Tack Horseware D04
Maddox Equestrian F11
Matamata Saddlery F21-F24
Mathews Hanoverians and Pak-Line Ltd F10
McMillan Equine F16
Mitavite A05
Heritage Equine A13-A14
Moores Riding Wear E18-E19
Morepork Outdoor Ovens M03
New Generation Liquorice KOP5
New Zealand Pony Club Assoc C09
Nga Tawa Diocesan School A12
Nicholson Imports D24
Norwood H23-H24
NRM /  Farmlands F17
NSC Saddles F02
Numat H08
NZ Horse and Groom H12
NZ Horse and Pony D12
NZ Stables M01
Oakridge Equestrian E26
One Black Horse C13
Orijen Petfoods A01
Parry Soaps The Market Place
PEL Equine H20-H21
Peter Horobin Saddlery F11
Phiten Performance C07
Phoenix Pharm Distributors Ltd E32
Posh Equestrian SHOWING
Power Farming C00-C01
Prestige Equestrian E04-E05
Pryde’s EasiFeed F14
Quality Knives KOP4
Rainbow Crystals K09
Ray Burmester Equestrian Jewellery F22
Reloved NZ & Jane Hunter The Market Place
Reyna Equestrian G6-G7
Ride in Style C05
Rockinhorse H12
Roulette Rugs SHOWING
Roulette Rugs SHOWING
Ruakokoputuna Olives The Market Place
Saddlery Direct F02
Saddlery Warehouse BWareH
Saferider D01
Shabby Chic The Market Place
Shabby Chic The Market Place
SistaCo F23
South Wood Saddlery NZ SHOWING
Spurs of Counties C14
Steed Health C11-C12
Stirrups H02-H04
Summit Grains & Saddlery BSumt
Sweepa Rubber Broom D05
Syncroflex F01D G1-G4
Take Shelter K15
The Jump Company G5
The Quarter Arcer Pot D06
Thomsons Suits E17
TMS Equestrian H05-H07
TuffRock NZ H14
Tupperware The Market Place
UberSnug Horsewear SHOWING
UberSnug Horsewear SHOWING
Vani – Veterinary & Nutritional Integration E15
Very Good Food The Market Place
Veterinary Services (HB) Ltd D00
Village Green Grocery & Heat ‘n’ Eat Meal Store The Market Place
Wade Equine Coaches AWade
Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre F08
Waterboy NZ Ltd K07
Winiata Saddlery E14
Ya Bon French Baker The Market Place
Zanadu Equestrian K12
Zero Balancing C08

For any Questions or Queries regarding the 2017 trade please contact:
Sophie Blake
027 291 0795

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