This is the official registration page for all media personnel for Land Rover Horse Of The Year. Details on registration for the 2020 show will be posted here later in the year.

Registration forms are for individuals and groups are expected to individually fill out the registration forms. If you fall under both the Media and Photographer’s role please fill out the photographer registration and contact the media manager detailing that you need to acquire both forms of accreditation.

Please note that due to the fact that we have limited spaces we can at any time in the pre-registration process request for credentials or deny your application without cause.

Contact Details

Alisha Neilson
Marketing and Media


To register as a media personnel at Land Rover Horse of the Year 2020, contact our media manager here (Registrations will be open later in the year).

This is for media personnel who fall under these categories:

  • Journalists
  • Reporters
  • Presenters
  • Radio Hosts
  • Television Hosts
  • Bloggers
  • Film Crew

If you are a commercial photographer then fill out the form below.

Commercial Photographer Registration Form

Commercial Photographer Registration Form 2020 

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