Land Rover Horse Of The Year 2024, Sunday, March 10, 2024
Catriona Williams demonstrating the custom-built motor home for wheelies. Copyright Photo: KAMPIC / Kerry Marshall

Catriona Williams is no stranger to the Land Rover Horse of the Year but she still managed to introduce something new to her missions for the 2024 show.

This time she and husband Sam travelled to the show in a custom-built motor home. “It was its first run and we wanted to make sure it was fit for purpose after all the work we have put into it.”

The vehicle is the brainchild of the Wairarapa based couple who were keen to do a roadie but found there was nothing available that suited their needs. “I wanted to design something that allowed as many wheelies as possible to be able to use it. Wheelies can travel up front and can drive it too.”

The vehicle also features a fold out readymade bed, a  hoist to get in and out, an accessible bathroom and more. “There are so many things to consider that able-bodied people don’t know about,” said Cat who has been in a wheelchair for more than two decades. “As far as travelling, it is very hard with a lot of logistical planning to be done. We have helped create this to take that away and now people can park up anywhere. It makes travelling in New Zealand so much more enjoyable and is really like a six star hotel room! It really is a game changer!”

Four people donated $100,000 each to enable the project to come to life. It was designed by ACM Motorhomes and can be rented from Milner Mobility with 60% of the rental going to CatWalk and the New Zealand Spinal Trust.

“It becomes the gift that keeps giving.”