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At LRHOY, you will find plenty of food choices. Checkout the options below, there is something for everyone.


Selling spicy Moroccan wraps filled fresh salads, and hot meat if your choice.
2. Selection of fresh salads with hot barbequed meat.
3. Mexican quesadillas


LOW & SLOW and SMOKED meats cooked in our OFFSET BBQ for 12 hours until tender, juicy and very very tasty.
Select either our Smokey BEEF BRISKET or PORK BUTT accompanied with fresh slaw, hand cut pickles, tomato and selected sauces. A combination sure to delight. A choice of Fresh Burger Bun or Open Wrap or maybe our very popular Smashed Potato with butter.
We also offer a CAVEMAN breakfast offering Bacon and eggs with fried tomato,
potato wedge and fresh bread.
Happy to be supporting New Zealand’s Premier Horse event 2022.

Coastal Squeeze Juices

Custom made Fresh Fruit & Vegetables juiced to your request. The C Plus is the Most Popular Juice to get your body recharged for a days riding and eventing as decided by the many Customers that have tried our Juices. Invigorating and delicious and Local Filled into compostable packaging of cups and straws to be user friendly.

Croque Me

We are Seve & Sam, we are the long-term owners of French fine-dining restaurant Poivre & Sel. Our ambition is to bring a little piece of France to your plate. Croque Me is our food trailer, we make delicious croque monsieur & croque madame; sumptuous & savoury French grilled sandwiches with layers of ham & melted Emmental elevated with a velvety bechamel sauce.

We use local products and we create different versions to ensure there’s a bite for everyone.


DeeJays Gourmet Griller

Presenting Equestrian’s favourite event food. Fabulous eye fillet, gourmet beef, gourmet Chicken, pulled Pork & Halloumi burgers, or Breakfast of Champions bacon & egg burger. Plus of course curly fries and hot chips cooked in clean canola oil, changed each day. There may even be some kumara fries if you’re quick.


Gala Catering – Steak / American H Dog


Gourmet Shuttle

We are selling:

Hot chips, hotdogs, american hotdogs, chicken nuggets/chips combo, bacon/egg roll, beef nachos(gf), burgers- beef/chicken/vegetarian falafel, doner wraps- beef/chicken/vegetarian falafel, rump steak/onion sandwich, ribeye/onion sandwich.

Holy Crepe!

Holy Crepe is providing authentic French crepes, sweet and savouries, in the Hawkes Bay region since 2021.

 We offer a large choice of toppings on two traditional and delicious crepe bases. With also offer a gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options to please everyone.

Hot Roast Sandwiches

KB’s Calamari Queen

Calamari Queen-NZ sourced,sustainable Calamari from the southern ocean.Freshly crumbed or hand cut Salt & Pepper with an array of KB’s delicious dipping sauces. Fresh Fish Burgers. Fresh Fish Taco’s. Fresh Fish bites & Chips with fresh Salad.

Kebab Vibes

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Fresh Doner  Kebab (chicken, lamb or falafel), Meat & Chips, Open Kebab Sandwich , Rice Meal,  Hot Chips, Turkish Garlic Bread, Cold Drinks, Tea.

Lil Orbits Mini Donuts HB

Family locally owned and operated. Delish Lil Orbits Mini Donuts made Fresh and hot to order. TC’s Fresh Candy Floss on a stick/bagged and cold drinks.


NZ Wildfoods

Piku Japanese Cuisine

The Piku Food Trailer will be serving delicious and exciting ready to eat Japanese Cuisine.


Pita Pit

Pita Pit Logo 300x139

We make Kiwi’s feel better by making it easy to choose nutritious, tasty, authentic and fresh food that’s good for you and your taste buds. We’re Pita specialists committed to providing real, good quality and nutritious meal options that everyone can enjoy. You can visit Pita Pit at HOY.


Roti Bro’s

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Pies made with Roti Paratha as the pastry. Need we say more? Authentically made fillings like Butter Chicken, Thai Beef, Vege Panang (Vegan) and our Limited Edition of the month which have been Truffle Beef Cheek, Beef Rendang, Chicken Madras and Red Thai Duck Curry, all wrapped in a flaky Roti Paratha. See you there.


Streets Ice Creams

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Thai Royal Restuarant

Thai Royal Restaurant matamata and Thai Royal food trucks  we are have Restaurant for 17 years  and we have  food trucks 8 years   Running  original  thai food and thai chef  services.